Michelle Heaton: my post-baby body insecurity

Liberty X singer and new mum Michelle Heaton says her C-section scar makes her feel 'uncomfortable' about her post-baby body


New mum Michelle Heaton’s said she feels insecure about the way her body looks after birth – because her C-section scar’s left her with an unsightly skin flap.


The Big Reunion star has been a regular at the gym from 8 weeks after giving birth to her second child, Aaron Jay, now 4 months old.

But it isn’t babyweight that’s getting her down; it’s the scar left from her Caesarean section.

Michelle, who’s also mum to Faith, 2, says the way her scar now looks has left her feeling too insecure to wear a bikini.

“I know I’m incredibly lucky to have two beautiful children who are my life,” she’s told OK! Online. “But while I’ve lost my babyweight and have a flat tummy again, my C-section has obviously left me with scarring.

“I have a flap of skin on one side, where the wound reopened when I picked up Faith too soon after the operation, and it healed that way. 

“Like many mums who have had C-sections, I’m not 100% comfortable in a bikini because it doesn’t cover the scar.

“They need to bring out a bikini range that covers up this kind of thing!” 

Did you have a C-section? How do you feel about your scar? Do you identify with Michelle’s insecurities? Please do let us know in the comments below.


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