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Michelle Heaton reveals an 80% risk of breast cancer

Liberty X star explains her gene test results, that could lead to a double mastectomy

Breast Cancer Awareness Month started last week and brave Michelle Heaton has revealed that she may have to have a double mastectomy and her ovaries removed in the future.


Speaking to Daybreak, Michelle Heaton said she recently discovered she has the BRCA2 gene, which vastly increases her chances of contracting breast cancer: “I have an 80 per cent risk of breast cancer and a 30 to 40% risk of ovarian cancer.”

Describing the moment she found out Michelle said; “You look at your husband, who’s clearly upset, and then you look at your little baby who is laughing and giggling and she’s not aware of anything – you just feel things crumbling around you.”

The new mum said her biggest fear was for her little baby girl Faith, “The last thing you want is for your little baby to be without a mum”

The Liberty X star has been updating her followers with tweets and posting pictures of her supportive family.

The response from her fans and even strangers has clearly been overwhelming for Michelle as she look to Twitter to express her appreciation: “Anyway. Again. Thank you all, I have tried tweeting most back and will do some later.. Just turning up to my MRI now x much love xxxx”

Here are MFMs we wish Michelle health and happiness and hope her MRI goes well. Send your well wishes below…



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