Michelle Heaton reveals diet pills have affected her pregnancy

Michelle’s past diet pill usage has left her with a high-risk pregnancy


It’s no secret Michelle Heaton has battled plenty of body hang-ups but it seems her pursuit for the perfect figure has come with serious consequences.


Revealing in the new MTV show Get Thin or Die Tryin’, Michelle admits to taking diet pills, unaware they would leave her with a heart condition and a high-risk pregnancy.

As a result of on-going side-effects, mum-to-be Michelle has dealt with numerous complications throughout her first pregnancy with husband Hugh. Michelle is due later this month.

In a previous interview, Michelle, 31, confessed,“It’s difficult to lose control of your body, especially when you’ve been in control for so long. You have to get in that mindset of, ‘OK, it’s not me, it’s fat for the baby but it’s not easy.’”

Having taken pregnancy in her stride, we’re sure having a personal trainer for a hubby will ease any post-pregnancy worries.

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