Michelle Heaton: the unglam side of being a mum

Sick and wee? No prob! The new Disney celebrity mum of the year deals with the yuk stuff just like the rest of us


She may have just been named Disney celebrity mum of the year, but Michelle Heaton’s life isn’t all glamour.


The Liberty X singer has revealed that while on the way to the glitzy award ceremony in London yesterday, she had to catch her 2-year-old daughter Faith’s vomit – in her hands.

According to the Metro, Michelle caught Faith’s sick in her hand because she was ‘worried the car would smell’.

The 34-year-old has also revealed her husband Hugh Hanley has had his fair share of mess to deal with from their 3-week-old son Aaron Jay.

Talking to OK! online, Michelle says: “The nappy situation is very different.

“I’m still not used to the direction of the wee. It can go everywhere.

“It hit Hugh in the mouth yesterday, he was devastated.” 

She added: “It hit Faith the other day and she was gutted. It went all over her. It was hilarious for me. Not so much for the two-year-old.”

So be honest, who else has caught sick or been weed on?

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