‘Miracle’ baby for ovarian transplant mum

World first as mum gives birth to second baby after menopause-beating ovarian transplant


A mum from Denmark has given birth to her second ‘miracle’ baby following an ovarian transplant, to overcome fertility.


Stinne Holm Bergholdt, 32, went through the menopause early following cancer treatment at the age of 27. But before she became infertile, doctors removed and froze some of her ovarian tissue. The tissue was re-implanted in 2005 and Stinne began producing eggs normally again.

Her first baby, Aviaja, 3, was born after fertility treatment and Stinne went back to the fertility centre a few months later to try for a second baby. To her surprise, a pregnancy test revealed she had already conceived naturally.

Stinne’s second baby, Lucca, was born in September, the first sibling baby born following an ovarian transplant.

“When I found out I was pregnant for the first time I was of course very happy and excited – but also very skeptical since I found it very hard to believe that my body was really working again,” said Stinne. “But the second time it was quite a surprise – it was indeed a miracle.”


Aviaja and Lucca are among just nine children in the world born following an ovarian transplant.

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