Miracle twin babies survive despite sharing the same placenta during pregnancy

Mum shares her joy of bringing her twin girls home on Christmas Day, having been given just a 50% chance of survival


A mum has spoken of her joy at being allowed to bring her twin daughters home after they were given just a 50% chance of surviving pregnancy.


Chloe Plant’s babies, Maddison and Mia, are monochorionic, monoamniotic twins. This means they are identical and shared a placenta during pregnancy. It’s a rare form of twins which occurring in every 65,000 twin pregnancies.

Chloe was told her twins only had a 50% chance of surviving as they shared the amniotic sac, which makes it easier for the unborn babies to be entangled in each other’s umbilical cords, which could limit their oxygen and food supply.

The twins were delivered by emergency caesarean at 32 weeks, and kept in hospital for a month, arriving home on Christmas Day.


“The pregnancy was a really terrifying time for both me and my partner James,” said mum Chloe. “There was so much risk involved that we took one day at a time. They are considered miracle babies and for us to bring them home for the first time on Christmas Day was perfect.”

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