Today, twins Tarun and Kian Chungh are spending their first birthday together after being apart almost all year.


Tracey was 32 weeks pregnant when doctors told her she needed an emergency caesarean.

"At first they were going to operate on him [Tarun] while he was still inside the womb. But they scanned me the following day and the water [on Tarun's lungs] had built up so much it was too dangerous to go ahead with surgery," said Tracey.

"The safest thing to do was to get the babies out," she explained.

Tarun and Kian were delivered weighing only a few ounces different, at 4lb and 3lb 5oz, but problems began when Tarun couldn't feed, reports the Daily Mail.

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Tarun was born with a rare condition called Noonans syndrome. Doctors at the Princess Anna Hospital in Southampton, where the boys were born, had never even seen it before.

Noonans sydnrome is a genetic disorder that causes abnormal development of parts of the body. Holes were appearing in Tarun's lymphatic system, meaning that his lungs continued to fill up with fluid.

Tarun was in so much pain that the doctors were preparing to switch off his machine, but miraculously Tarun's condition improved. "Words can't describe how we felt," said Tracey.

Now, Tarun Chungh weighs only 11 pounds while his twin brother, Kian, weighs 20 pounds.

"When people see me with the boys they ask me how old Kian is and how old Tarun is. I explain that they are actually twins born on the same day but they can't believe it. Tarun looks like he's only 2 or 3 months compared to his brother," said the twins' mum, Tracey Chungh.

Tarun was brought home from hospital to be reunited with his brother at home, so as to enjoy their first birthday together with their parents.

"We never thought we would see both our sons celebrate their first birthday," Tracey said.

"Tarun has been through so much. It's a miracle he's here at all and we're grateful for every day. He's a little fighter," she added.