Miscarriage sadness not cured by having another baby

Depression and anxiety caused by miscarriage or stillbirth can continue long after having another baby


Women who go through miscarriage or stillbirth can continue to experience depression and anxiety even after having a healthy baby, a new study has found.


Researchers found that mums who had experienced miscarriage or stillbirth showed higher levels of depression and anxiety than those who had not. These levels remained higher even after the mums had gone on to have a healthy baby.

The study, by researchers at Bristol University, involved 13,133 pregnant women and probably won’t surprise anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The women were asked about their medical history and were checked for symptoms of depression and anxiety twice during pregnancy and four times after birth up until 33 months later.

On average, mums who were struggling with post-miscarriage depression continued to show symptoms for nearly three years after the birth of a subsequent baby.


Although having a successful pregnancy can help reduce emotional suffering after a miscarriage, many mums find it does not replace their loss and may take longer to come to terms with their grief. Get advice on coping with a miscarriage and if you’re ready, find out more about trying again.

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