Missing child but hardly anyone stops to help: shocking VIDEO

A new 'prank' video shows members of public walking straight past a 'missing' child, moments after seeing posters appealing for help to find him




Would you stop and help if you thought you’d spotted a missing child? Maybe not, if this shocking social experiment is anything to go by.

The Italian ‘prankster’ duo DM Pranks, who filmed the experiment, first pinned 50 ‘missing child’ posters on trees around a park. The posters featured an ‘urgent appeal’ for people to look for Cristian, aged 9.

There was a picture of Cristian on the posters, along with a description of him, a phone number to call if you spot him, and the fact that he ‘could be in danger’.

Then the filmmakers asked ‘Cristian’ to sit sadly on his own on a bench nearby – and started their camera rolling.

Their film is gobsmacking: the majority of people passing by stop to read the posters, glance at Cristian, and then carry on walking.

Only a few people stop to ask the boy if he is all right.

“We are just too busy minding our own business… or are we afraid to get involved?” the filmmakers ask at the end.

What do you think? And what would you do?

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