It’s been almost 40 years since Morph first hit our TV screens.


But now the loveable plastercine character, made famous on the hit BBC children’s programmes Take Heart and Heartbeat, is due to make a comeback after 20 years.

Moving away from his home at the BBC, Morph is being remolded for a new audience on Sky.

But if you think you can smell another tedious re-make, it may please you to know that the clay character is being brought back to life by his original producers, Aardman Animation.


Best known for the award-winning modeling clay animation comedy team Wallace and Gromit, Aardman will create new episodes of Morph as part of a Sky’s new venture into kid’s programming, which also includes a new Kid’s app.

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Making the announcement at the launch of the new app, Luke Bradley-Jones’ Sky’s Brand Director of TV Products said the app will have over 4,000 episodes of children’s shows to start will and will be constantly updated.

“We are moving into original children’s productions, much in the way we have drama and sport, to bring new, exclusive content to kids. We will be starting with new episodes of children’s classic Morph later this year.”

The British telecommunications company also intends to create a series of live action shows, showing kids how to make videos and their own animation.

Hoping to offer a “fun and safe way for pre-schoolers to 9-year-olds to enjoy the widest range of the most popular kids TV programmes,” the two of the biggest selling points of the app are the fact it won’t have adverts before programmes and it’s free if you’re a Sky customer.

Like all of these kid’s apps it professes to be “absolutely safe,” as children can only access Sky programmes for children between the ages of 2 years to 9-years-old.


However, what makes it a little different is that each child can have their own ‘buddy’, which is a kind of personalised avatar. They relate to each child by their date of birth, can be named whatever your child chooses and then only show the appropriate TV shows.

Up to 10 ‘buddies’ can be created but there isn’t anything to stop one child going into another child’s buggy programme, despite them being very cute.

However, Sky are very confident that kid’s will have so much fun on the app with their own personal buddy that they won’t want to go into their older brother/sister’s account.

This remains to be seen, but we’re reviewing the app, so we’ll keep you posted.


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