Most toddlers watch screens at the dinner table

New survey find the majority of tots get a side of smartphone, iPad or TV with their dinner


Over 60% of toddlers have their eyes fixed on a screen at the family dinner table – and three-quarters of parents say they’d use the lure of technology to persuade their child to finish a meal.


These findings, from a new survey from, reveals that toddlers have got a real taste for technology.

According to the survey, 36% of toddlers watch TV or a DVD at the table, 28% are glued to an iPad, 34% are playing with a smartphone and 12% are plugged into hand-held games.

Mind you, we parents aren’t exactly doing any different: apparently, six in ten of us admit to spending up to half of mealtimes on hand-held devices, 51% per cent of us keeping an eye on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and 30% of us sending or reading work emails.

So, is the age of conversation at the family table dead? Does it matter if family chit chat is abandoned for electronic fun? What do you think?

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