Mother Pukka, Papa Pukka and children – family facts

Bio and birth dates for Mother Pukka blogger and Flex Appeal campaigner Anna Whitehouse, her husband Papa Pukka and their 2 children Mae and Eve


Who are Mother and Papa Pukka?

Mother Pukka is Anna Whitehouse, a journalist from London. She writes the hugely popular blog Mother Pukka, with the tagline ‘for people who happen to be parents’.


Anna’s husband Matt Farquharson, then, is Papa Pukka. He doesn’t have a blog – but does run a successful Instagram – and the couple joined forces to write a book, Parenting The S**t Out Of Life, in early 2018.

The Pukka family doesn’t end there. Oh no, there’s a Sister PukkaGrandmother Pukka and a Grandfather Pukka, too! 

Mother and Papa Pukka’s children:

mother pukka eve mae

Mae, born 2013 (we think)
Eve, born July 2017 (we think)


mae whitehouse

Anna and Matt’s 1st child is called Mae. As of June 2018, it would appear little Mae’s 4 years old.


mother pukka eve

Eve is almost 1 year old as of June 2018.

What is Mother Pukka’s Flex Appeal?

flex appeal

Mother Pukka’s Flex Appeal campaign’s been making headlines lately – so, what’s it all about?

Well, essentially it’s encouraging people (but often parents) to talk to their employer about flexible working, and breaking away from the 9 – 5 for office jobs.

In 2014, 9 million people said in a poll that they wanted to work flexibly – but even though the law says you can ask for flexible working after 26 weeks in a job, not many people seem to know about it, OR know if they’ll get it.

“I have been freelance, or semi-freelance, for most of my working life, but it’s only as a parent that I’ve realised how important some flexibility is, and how hard it is for two parents to work full-time in office jobs,” wrote Anna on her blog.

“It’s rare to find a daycare that opens beyond 8am to 6pm.

“Combine those hours and the average UK commute and it might mean working from 08.30 to 5.30 every day: about the average UK, lunch-at-your-desk working day.

“But if just one of you has a longer commute, the whole thing is scuppered. By school age, collecting kids becomes impossible without paid help or very understanding grandparents.”

Anna came up with the idea after leaving her job at L’Oreal as a Senior Copywriter. She went freelance so she could spend more time with Mae. 

In June 2018, Anna took her campaign to the suits in charge, visiting the communications department at 10 Downing Street with husband and fellow campaigner Matt by her side.

“I started blogging about it in January 2015 and started the campaign a year later when I quit my job after putting a flexible working request in and it was refused on the basis that they’d have to give it to everyone else,” she said. 

“In a nutshell, we’re two extremely tired, child-ravaged journalists who believe there is a better way of working for everyone,” she added on Instagram.

“We believe flexible working isn’t a ‘nice to have’ nor is it a ‘bonus’, it’s a fundamental change to the fabric of our working lives.”

Images: Instagram/Mother Pukka, Instagram/Papa Pukka

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