Motorbike sperm banks on the way?

Sperm banks are set to launch mobile collections from donors homes to try and get more men to donate


Next time you see a courier bike whizzing to your neighbour’s house, it might not be to just deliver a pizza.


Dwindling levels of sperm donors in the UK has forced the NHS to consider launching motorbike couriers to go out and collect donations from the comfort of the donor’s home, reports the Metro.

In a bid to make sperm donating easier and to reach men in a wider area, one NHS Trust in Manchester has brought in motorbikes to go out and collect sperm donations and whiz them back to the hospital for use. The trust discovered that they were relying on just five local donors to provide sperm for the area.

It’s thought recent law changes surrounding donations, which include children being allowed to trace donor dads have put many men off donating their sperm. It’s thought if they can do it at home, the levels may rise again.


Good idea in theory, but we can’t help but wonder if a waiting courier outside their house might put them off even more…

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