Mum asks Facebook users to name her baby

Indecisive parents-to-be make a deal to allow their baby to be named by user suggestions on Facebook


Would you leave the name of your baby up to the whim of the internet community? It’s one thing to ask for suggestions on the forum but quite another to give the choice to a Facebook group!


But that’s exactly what Canadian mum-to-be Rommy and her husband Mark have decided to do. They’ve teamed up with a rewards points website,, to give internet users the chance to nominate names and vote on their favourite.

Due in December, Rommy is expecting a baby girl and is hoping for an unusual but not silly name. So far she’s happy with the top choices that have been suggested.

“I don’t want to name her Tree,” Rommy said. “Just something very pretty and feminine.”

Currently in the lead is Melania followed by Aria and Aubrey. But that could all change between now and the birth. The couple has agreed to name their daughter the most popular choice in return for a year’s worth of deals from the site.


But even for a generous reward, would you leave the name of your baby up to strangers on the internet? Clever, or marketing gone too far? If you can’t decide, perhaps try out our baby namer before you set up a vote!


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