How parents supported the mum who got baby puke ALL over her face

These pics are just... well, pretty classic if you ask us


Ah, mum life. If you’re not nodding off from sleep deprivation, you’re probably covered in something icky, right?


We don’t need to tell Texan mum Desirae Robles that – she already knows all to well how gross things can get when you’ve got a little baby.

The mum-of-1 took to Twitter to share that her little girl, Addelina Rae, had vomited everywhere. And of course, by everywhere we really mean all over her face.

“Have a baby they said, it’ll be fun they said, “ she joked beside the snaps. Classic, right?

Well, not wanting Desirae to feel alone, fellow mums rallied around her on Twitter by sharing their own sticky, gross, pukey, poopy pics…

“Girl I understand,” wrote one, while another added: “I feel you,” alongside their best icky baby pics.

No lies, the team here at MFM can think of a few mothering moments that could match Desirae’s pic, too ???

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Images: Twitter/Desirae Robles

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