A mum who was bullied for having freckles has finally accepted them – all thanks to her little boy.


30-year-old Aussie mum-of-4 Charlene Cerros had been self-conscious all her life about the numerous freckles on her face and body.

She told Caters News Agency that, when she was at school, her freckles had been mocked as ‘contagious’, with other children pointing, staring and asking their parents what’s wrong with her face. Some cruel teenagers had even joked that she was covered in ‘bird s***’.


Her embarrassment, and the bullying, had affected her so deeply, she’d tried several times to bleach her skin.

That was until her 5-year-old son Wyatt noticed he’d developed a lone freckle, and was overjoyed to look just like his mum.

"My son saw his first freckle on his face and was so excited. He said, 'Look Mum, I've got a freckle like you,'” Charlene said.

"My husband was motioning to him with his hand as if to say 'cut it out' but I loved it. He loves his freckles because he looks like his mum!"

She added that, above all else, this made her really happy – and she wanted all her children to grow up feeling good in their own skin:

"Some of our children are now developing freckles and I don't want them to have the same relationship with them that I had with mine.

"I'm trying to teach my kids that, regardless of what someone looks like, you should respect them because we're all human, and they should be confident in their own skin."


Image: Caters News Agency

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