Mum threatens to cancel Christmas unless her kids start behaving

And she got the elves to bring the bad news....


Now, we’ll probably all say it to our little one at some point if we haven’t already: “You’d better be good or Santa won’t come.”


But would any of us really follow through? Apparently, one mum, from Queensland, Australia, is prepared to do just that.

Fed up of her misbehaving kids, she’s wrapped her Christmas tree in clingfilm and popped an Elf on it with a stern note warning them that if they don’t start being nice in time for the Big Day, Father Christmas simply won’t be stopping by.

The note, signed by Elise, one of the elves, says this:

“If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit, your tree and presents back your behaviour needs to improve.

‘Santa is very angry and I’m disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mum. You all have 1 week to improve. I’m watching.”


Well, we have to say, while it seems pretty harsh – it may well be fair. If this mum’s kids have been playing up as much as she suggests, perhaps they do need to be taught a lesson with a no-show from Santa.

And she’s given them fair warning and a chance to improve, right?

On the other hand – there are a fair few softies on the team here at MFM and we’re not sure we could stick to our guns on this one.

The reaction on soclal media was pretty mixed, too.

“These lucky modern kids got given the opportunity to redeem themselves before the cut-off date. I think us parents are getting soft just like our kids,” said one person clearly in favour of the action.

Though others called it “too harsh” and awful parenting”.

Hmmmmm – tough call.

What do you think?

Would you cancel Christmas if your children weren’t being as good as you’d expect? Or would you find another way to show your disappointment?

And would you get an elf to give the message – ir do you think it should be done by the parents? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Image: From Facebook, shared by Mail Online

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