Mum complains girls’ shorts are SO much shorter than boys’ shorts

Lack of "variety and choice for parents" led this mum to complain on Facebook


When out shopping for shorts for her daughter, it’s safe to say Nikita Friedman was pretty disappointed with the lack of choice.


In fact, the difference in length between the black girls’ shorts and green boys’ shorts pictured left her so irritated, she felt she had to complain.

“Little girls shorts in a size 1 next to little boys shorts in a size 1,” wrote the mum from Queensland, Australia, on the Big W’s Facebook page.

“Why on earth does my 1 year old need to have shorts so short that her nappy is hanging out??? Little girls are not sex objects. Gender bias is disgusting.”


Thousands of mums have commented on the post – some agreeing and others saying the shorts aren’t an issue.

“Yes!! The main reason we have to buy our nearly 3-year-old daughter boys shorts or shorts a size bigger. It’s ridiculous how short the shorts are for girls!!” one mum said.

“And sadly the older girls get the worse it often is. I have a 7 year old who wears size 10. Once young girls outgrow size 7 and have to find clothing in the older girl section, the clothing is often designed for much older teenage children, and to be completely honest a lot of the styles are too skanky for my liking,” another added.

But not everyone agreed. “I have these exact shorts for my three-year-old who is still in nappies,” another mum wrote. “They don’t show her nappy nor are they sexual in any sense! I have absolutely no problem with them.”


After a huge debate in the comments section of the post, Big W said they will be discussing the issue with the relevant team.

Photos: Facebook / Big W Australia

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