Mum facing cuddle ban

Rare allergy means mum can’t hold her son close

A bizarre medical condition has meant that mum Michaela Dutton, 21, has to keep her distance from her son Mitchell, 3. If a single drop of water, such as a tear or bead of sweat, comes into contact with Michaela skin’s, it can trigger a painful burning rash.
The extreme allergy, aquagenic urticaria, was triggered by the birth of Michaela’s son. Doctors believe the condition, which affects only 1 in 230 million people, was caused by a hormonal imbalance brought on by giving birth.
Michaela is unable to hold her son as if he dribbles or sweats a little she ends up covered in sore itchy lumps. She’s been treated under Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital where she’s been treated with antihistamine drugs and ultraviolet light therapy, but so far without success.


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