Mum feeds toddler 3,000 calories a day

“I want her to be fat,” 25-stone mum says of the daughter she weaned on cheesecake.


Toni-Lee Johnson feeds her already obese 3-year-old daughter Patience 3,000 calories a day and wants her to get even fatter.


Patience, from Temple City, California, lives on a diet of junk food. Breakfast includes chocolate biscuits, fried bacon and cheesecake. This is followed by a daily dose of high-salt and sugary snacks.

“We’re a matching pair. I want her to be fat – she’s happy that way and so am I. Eventually I hope she’ll be my size,” Patience’s mum, 38-year-old Toni-Lee told Closer magazine.

Having grown up eating mushed up cheesecake instead of baby food, it’s no surprise Patience turns down healthier options in favour of the calorific alternatives. Weighing in at a hefty 5 stone 8lb, Patience is double the size of an average 3-year-old and has the BMI of 53.7. The healthy average is a BMI of 25.

Imitating her mum’s eating habits, Patience is well on her way to becoming an obese adult, something her mum is fully supportive of.  “She’s already saying: ‘I love Mummy’s belly’ and ‘I want to be like Mummy’ and that makes me happy. I let her eat whatever and however much she wants so she can be large like me,” said her proud mum.

Despite health warnings that her daughter is increasing her chances of suffering diabetes, thrombosis, stroke, high cholesterol and heart problems, Toni-Lee still believes she’s doing the right thing.

“Toni-Lee is obese and clearly likes being that way. So now she wants her child to be like her. She thinks that feeding her up is showing her love, when in fact she’s killing her child,” clinical psychologist Funke Baffour told Closer magazine.


It seems nothing will deter Toni-Lee against her feeding habits with daughter Patience as she believes, “I’m a great mum, she’s a great daughter and we’re two happy fatties.”


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