If you follow the latest hair trends (what do you mean, you don't?!), you'll know that 'unicorn' or 'rainbow' hair – locks dyed in a dazzling array of pretty colours – has been big for some time. ?


Women have shared their beautiful 'dos' all over Instagram, and now mum and hair stylist Mary Thomaston has added a photo of her 6-year-old daughter with her own take on the trend.


Quite a few of us here at MFM HQ are pretty much on the 'OMG, that's stunning!' side of the fence but not all of us. And certainly, not everyone on social media (who'd have guessed?).

"Too young to be taken away from her natural beauty...," commented one person on Instagram. "The colour is pretty but her natural colour is more gorgeous, I bet..."

And another wondered what state the little girl's hair would be in after all that dye was put on it.

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"While I get the part about the 'fun'," she said, "hair dye can really damage hair and, tbh, I do not think it's the best thing to do with a young kid's hair..."

But there were plenty of people who just loved what Mary had done, too:

"Who cares if it damages her hair? She can cut it and grow it back!! Not a big deal, folks," said one fan.

And "I love that you encourage her to express herself anyway she likes," said another. "I'm in cosmetology school now and my hair isn't even this cool! I think it's beautiful, she's beautiful and we need more parents like you! ❤️ "

We must admit, some of us have a got teensy bit of hair envy here this morning. Bring on the unicorns! ? ?

What do you think?

Is 6 too young to dye your child's hair? Or is it just a bit of fun? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

Photos: Mary Thomaston on Instagram

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