Mum gives birth in street after ambulance refusal

Baby delivered on the pavement by passerby as mum walks to the hospital


A mum gave birth on the pavement outside the Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital after being refused an ambulance.


When 27-year-old Carmen Blake’s labour pains started, her midwife advised her to have a hot bath and then ‘make her own way there’ by walking the 100m from her home to the hospital.

As it was Carmen’s fourth pregnancy, she soon realised she didn’t have long to wait. She called for an ambulance, but was told they wouldn’t send one as she’d “had nine months to sort out a lift”, Carmen claimed.

Having no other choice, Carmen started walking to the hospital and luckily bumped into Helen Ivers, a physiotherapist who happened to be on her way to work.

Helen helped deliver baby Mariah while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Although mum and baby recovered well and Mariah was born without complications, Carmen is angry about the way she was treated. She has made an official complaint to Leicester Royal Infirmary. 


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