Mum hits back after being told her ‘children should be seen and not heard’

And we can't say we blame her...


A furious mum of 2 has hit back after diners at a restaurant left her a note saying ‘children should be seen and NOT heard’ ?


25-year-old Danielle Styles and her sister were enjoying a meal with their children – they each have 2 – at their local Harvester pub in Dartford.

A couple pushed the note, written on a napkin, up against the window for her to see after paying for their meal and leaving.

We’d be pretty angry about that too – so we’re not surprised that 25-year-old Danielle Styles claimed she went after them, before they got in their car and drove away, chuckling to themselves and waving.

Grrr ???

There’s never an excuse for doing something rude like this… but we can understand that sometimes, noisy/screaming children in a restaurant can be a tad frustrating for other customers.

Let’s be real here for a second: toddlers and restaurants don’t always mix.

However, Danielle pointed out in a chat with The Mirror that the incident took place at lunch time, in a notably family-friend eatery.

She even has a video showing how the 4 children (all under the age of 2) were playing fairly quietly, running around, approaching (empty) tables, with one child (sat at the table) letting out the beginnings of a cry-wail at the end.

(Because kids cry, obvs ?)

“When they were running around there was no one sitting where we were,” Danielle told the paper. “They didn’t go anywhere near the woman so I don’t understand what the issue was.”

“I think it’s disgusting how someone can say that about four innocent babies. We were angry and upset that someone would write that about our kids.

“My eldest son was asleep in the pram and he woke up crying. Every child cries.

“But I think that’s what started the woman off, she was not happy.”

Sounds like an awful situation for Danielle and her sister to be in ?

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