Mum of two becomes first swine flu fatality in the UK

NHS has simple guidelines to keep you safe and healthy


Just days after world health experts state the swine flu bug as a pandemic, Jacqui Fleming, 38, a Scottish mum of two, has passed away after battling with the virus for two weeks and delivering her new baby three months prematurely.


Jacqui’s newborn baby is in a critical condition but isn’t thought to have contracted the flu.

There has been a new rush of cases in the UK, taking the number of people with swine flu up to 1,226.

Although the flu is dangerous to mums-to-be, this is apparent with ALL types of flu so if you’re pregnant, don’t fret, just follow these guidelines issued by the NHS:

Take antiviral drugs, which are available from your GP as well as Relenza, which is a new antiviral drug that’s inhaled but doesn’t reach your developing baby. If you’re worried about your kids contracting the virus, Tamiflu is safe for children aged one and over.


For all details on the swine flu medication advice, head to NHS Direct or call 0845 4647

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