The mum of a 9-week-old baby has told how a female member of staff in a Melbourne restaurant ordered her to leave when she changed her son's nappy in his pram.


The mum of 3 had been out with other family members for a birthday celebration, and had her youngest child in his Bugaboo at the table.

When she realised he needed a nappy change, she discovered the restaurant didn't have a changing facility, so as her pram was already in a corner away from where anyone else was eating, she decided to quickly see to his wet (not poo-ey) nappy there.

Speaking to the Kidspot website, the furious mum said that she had never dreamed that it would be a problem – especially as her little boy was in his pram and could not be seen by other diners or staff.

"I was in a corner away from others eating as my pram was in the way of servers," she said of the moment the restaurant employee approached her and told her to either change him in the corridor or leave.

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"It took me under 30 seconds to finish. I wrapped the nappy in the pram. The only time it was seen was when I picked up the small purple bag and popped it in my nappy bag that was at my feet," she said.

"It's not like I was sitting in the middle flashing my naked baby with poo all over him. It was only a WET nappy. NOT POO."

Despite explaining that no one could see what she was doing because the baby was in his pram, the mum was told that changing him in the restaurant itself was 'yucky'.

The mum has now vowed never to return to the eaterie again, and remains outraged at how she was treated.

"She looked down at me like I had asked if she'd like to eat my son's nappy," she said.

"I was so shocked and very unimpressed. The food was bad anyway - so we definitely will not be returning."

Hmmm. From this mum's version of events, it wasn't as though she was dealing with a poo-nami on the table in full view of other diners, and it also seems as though there was a bit of a lack of room for her to change her baby.

But do you think it's ever acceptable to do a public nappy change? And what about when it's where food is being served? Is that always a no-no, pooey nappy or not?

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