Mum reveals bizarre pregnancy craving

Mum of three snacks on newspapers to satisfy her strange pregnancy craving for paper


While most mums-to-be crave pickled onions or chocolate during their pregnancy, one pregnant mum made the headlines after admitting she can’t stop eating newspapers.


Anna Curran, 35, who is expecting her fourth child in April, revealed she would rather eat newspapers than read them. She even keeps shredded copies in her bag for her to snack on.

“I can’t help it. I just need to get the flavour of it. I could be sitting in the bingo hall and I’ll start ripping out pages of the newspaper and all the people look at me going, ‘What is she doing?’” said Anna.

“I sit and tear the white bits off the edges of the pages and keep them in a bag so I can eat them while shopping.”

Despite the wealth of newspapers available for her to snack on, Anna’s strange taste buds favour one newspaper in particular –  the Evening Telegraph.

“If you shredded up lots of different bits of paper, I would know exactly which one was the Evening Telegraph,” Anna explained.

Anna’s strange tastes haven’t quite got the seal of approval from her three children.

“My kids think it’s crazy. My youngest, Tegan, says, ‘Mum, that’s not good for you’,” said Anna.

“She was so confused – she asked me for a taste but she said it was horrible.”

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