Mum reveals son’s unusual baseball-inspired name after losing bet to husband

As a result of a bet on the World Series, this couple's newborn now has a pretty quirky moniker...


A mum named Katie Stam Irk in the US has made headlines after revealing she and her husband picked their baby’s name using a baseball bet.


The former Miss America winner and her husband Brian made a naming wager based on whether or not the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series.

Brian, a massive Cubs fan, bet the team would win – and mum-of-3 Katie bet the team would lose. If Katie won the bet, she told People, her newborn son would be named after her grandfather Oliver.

But if Brian won… they’d name the newborn Wrigley, after the Cubs’ famous stadium Wrigley Field.

Lo and behold, the Cubs won. And boom – there’s your baby name.


In an interview with People, Katie revealed the bet was her idea.

“We were on a family walk and I said, ‘You’ve been a die-hard Cubs fan your whole life, and boy do I have the bet of a lifetime for you!’” she revealed.

“If the Cubs win we get to name him Wrigley, if they don’t, we name him Oliver after my grandfather.”

Sounds like a lot riding on one sports game, right? But Katie says she was pretty chilled about the end result.

She added:

“It wasn’t a win-lose kind of bet, I loved the name Wrigley and I wanted them to win! “It was just a fun, silly way to pick our son’s name instead of arguing about it.”

That said, the couple took their bet pretty seriously: little Wrigley was born 2 days before the World Series took place, and they waited for the result before picking the name.

Though they did end up using Oliver as his middle name in the end ?

What a great baby-naming story, right? ?

Do you have an unusual or funny baby-naming story – or did you win or lose a naming bet? Would something like this have made picking between two names easier for you?

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Images: Instagram/Katie Stam Irk

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