Mum reveals why she wants sex change for her 8-year-old

Family saving up £12,000 for son to become a daughter


When mum-of-three Chelsey Lechelt’s 4-year-old son told her he wanted to be a girl, she thought it was just a phase. However four years later, she is helping her son Kai become a girl named Kyla.


Kyla, from Idaho in the US, dresses like every other little 8-year-old girl and likes to wear pretty dresses and nail varnish. However, he was born a boy. Ever since he could talk, he would ask, “why wasn’t I born a boy?” and now his parents have decided to do something about it.

After consulting a forensic psychologist who confirmed that Kyla suffered from gender identity dysphoria, the Lechelt family treat Kyla like a little girl and his two brothers, Jade, 10, and Ash, 5, have accepted him as their sister. “We asked her, ‘If you had the chance to be a girl, would you want to be?’ and she said, ‘I am a girl.’ Kyla was excited we were giving her the chance to consider being female,” her mum told Closer magazine.

To start Kyla’s £12,000 transformation, her parents will allow her to take hormone blockers when he turns 10 to stop him growing into a male teenager. When he is 13, he’ll have oestrogen injections, which will help him grow breasts. However, they will only let him go ahead if they know it’s definitely what he wants.

In order to make Kyla’s life happy, his parents have informed her school and friends. “Most parents are understanding and Kyla’s friends had always treated him as one of the girls anyway,” Chelsey said.

Kyla is so far, happy with his decision to live like a girl. “Sometimes I wish I’d been born a girl. But I love being a girl now because I can wear cute clothes and play with my hair,” Kyla said in the interview.


“We’re very proud of her and would be just as supportive if she changed her mind. She’s just focused on becoming a woman,” Kyla’s mum concluded.

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