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Mum shares GENIUS shoelace hack for kids

This little boy's shoelace trick has gone viral – and could save you a LOT of time in the morning...


If your child has trouble tying laces – and you're just not getting anywhere trying to teach her or him how – then you need to watch this video.

Because US mum Ashley Lillard has shared her son Colton's simple ‘hack’ for tying those laces super-easily.

5-year-old Colton, who says he learned this trick from his pal River at school, shows viewers step by step how to create the loops using the top shoelace hole on his trainers so that – genius touch – the loops stay in place without you needing to hold onto them.

Because for most kids (and some adults!), the tough bit is keeping the loops in place in your hand, while also trying to finish the tying-up, right?

"Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!! Posting to help anyone who is struggling like we were! Feel free to share ❤” Ashley wrote beside the vid.

And boy, did people feel free to share!

The original vid has been viewed an eye-watering 9.3 million times, and shared by nearly 195,000 people – and we’re really not surprised! It’s pretty genius.

Hands up if your little one struggled or still struggles with their shoelaces… or if you know someone who would benefit from this vid ???

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Images: Faebook/Ashley Lillard

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