Mum shares her homemade placenta capsules method on Instagram

We wouldn't recommend you try this at home unless you have the right qualifications - but the pics are pretty cool...


Turning your afterbirth into capsules, or frying it up with your breakfast is quite a thing these days – consuming your placenta is said to ward off the baby blues, and have a host of other nutritional benefits, too.


But if you go the commercial route, it doesn’t generally come cheap (a quick Google revealed tablets coming in at around £200, while just paying someone to whizz it in to a smoothie had a £50 price tag).

However, recently trained and certified encapsulator Elise App is sharing her method online by demonstrating on her Instagram page how she froze and dehydrated her own placenta. 

Elise revealed that she was going to grind all the afterbirth into a powder, but only actually turn a bit of it into capsules – the rest of it would be buried in her garden under a tree – something practised by some cultures to celebrate a baby’s connection to the earth. 

Here is what Elise had to say about it all: 

“This is what I did with my morning. Finally defrosted my placenta and steamed it. It was really quite strange handling my own placenta, something I’d grown in my body and had nourished my baby girl for nine months.

“Up close the vein structure is actually quite incredible and feeling and examining every part taught me more then I could have read and researched. 


“So I’m in the dehydrating stage now of my first placenta. I’m going to ground it up into powder form to get the hang of all my equipment and I’ll encapsulate a couple for practice but the remainder of the powder will be buried in our yard under a tree ? stay tuned for more photos ?.”

We deffo will be – it’s fascinating stuff, eh?  But would you consider doing it if you had the know-how? Or perhaps you already have? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

Pics: BabysBlessing/Instagram

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