Mum stays at home for 40 days with her second baby

She used the "confinement" method to enjoy time with her newborn


How did you feel for the first few weeks after your baby came along? Downright exhausted probably, but would you go to these measures?


A new mum from Australia decided to spend 40 days after giving birth at home with her newborn, following a practice called ‘confinement’ which is very popular in South American and Asian cultures.

Kate Alexandra, who is a yoga teacher, has one older son, three-year-old Bodhi, and decided that, rather than rushing back to ‘normal’ life after having her second boy, Yagan, she would take time out from busy daily life and stay at home with him.

In a blog about her experiences, Kate admits that while she did go out for walks occasionally with Yagan, most of the time was spent indoors with him. She reveals she did at times miss getting out, for example having a ‘cafe date’ with a friend and felt that if she could get out and about she might feel more like her ‘normal’ self. 

But rather than being isolated and avoiding friends, Kate welcomed visits and had people around most of the time. Her mother-in-law, who lives upstairs, visited regularly as did friends – who would bring groceries (she had food delivered, too). They would spend time with her and the boys and Kate says she was very grateful to these people who facilitated her time at home.


She breastfed her baby while her older child was being quite loud – singing and generally being a three-year-old – and when the bigger sibling was asleep or out she says she relished the silence, and avoided TV, music and phone calls.

The first time she left her neighbourhood was after 41 days, for her oldest son’s birthday party.

Blogging about her ‘confinement’ Kate said: 

“When I would tell people I was spending forty days at home, I often sensed their surprise – why would I want to isolate myself like that?! And yes, it seems perhaps at a glance that I was putting myself in lock down, and there were a few long, lonely days but for a vast majority of my time I had the company of people near to my heart…

“After everyone left and it was just me and my two boys again, I reflected on what a huge effort it had been for these women and children to visit us…I am so grateful for their efforts, because the love they showed me lifted me up in heart and soul.”

Photos: Kate Alexandra on Instagram

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