Mum-to-be gives birth on plane

Bolivian baby born at 24,000 feet is given free flights


A baby girl was delivered safely during a flight on an aeroplane over Bolivia. Miraculously, there was both a doctor and a nurse on board to help with the birth and mother and baby are said to be doing well.


The baby has been named Tami after the military-run commercial airline, Transportes Aereos Militares, which is known as TAM.

TAM has promised the little girl free flights until she reaches the age of 21 and she’ll also receive a scholarship through senior school at a Bolivian Air Force school.


Tami was born 2 weeks early which means that her mum must have been flying at around 38 weeks’ pregnant. In most countries including the UK, many airlines won’t allow pregnant mums to fly after 34 weeks, and require a doctor’s certificate after 28 weeks.

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