Mum tracks travelling son with GPS

Travelling teenager has his every moved tracked by ‘Big Mother’


A gap year student travelling the world is keeping his mum up to date on his whereabouts through a GPS tracking device.


Designed by his uncle, the gadget allows Harry Wilder’s family back in the UK to know exactly where he is in the world to within a few metres.

The 19-year-old says he is pleased he has the tracking device he will be easily found if he is lost or kidnapped.

His mother, Rachel, says it means she can text of call him if she can see he is about to wander into a dodgy part of town.

“If he was in Bangkok for example, I could see if he walks in an area which might not be safe and ring or text him,” she said.

Harry, from Oxfordshire, added that if he really didn’t want his mum to know what he was up to he would simply ditch the gadget in the car.


Is this mum a little over-protective or sensibly keeping her son safe? Let us know

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