Mum’s allergy note shames neighbourhood for non-inclusive sweets

But lots of people say her approach wasn't polite enough


If your child has allergies, occasions like Halloween and birthday parties can be a bit of a minefield. Do you take your own dairy-free cake along? Or expect other parents to take your child’s allergy into account?


Well, this Halloween in a neighbourhood in Connecticut, America, one parent decided it was their neighbours’ responsibility to not give out any treats containing nuts, dairy or gluten – and posted bright orange posters on lampposts in the area making their views very clear.

The poster reads (all in capital letters):

“Attention Parents

“My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can’t eat any candy he’d collected at your homes while trick or treating. Don’t exclude my child, or any other child from the fun.

“This Halloween, practice responsible parenting and do not distribute candy containing nuts of any kind, gluten or dairy.

“Be mindful of everyone’s child – here are some tasty and allergy-conscience suggested;

  • carrot sticks (fun to eat, healthy and easy on the teeth)
  • Smarties
  • Necco Wafers
  • Lifesavers
  • Brach’s Lemon Drops
  • raisins (But stay away from raisinettes!!!!)”

The poster had a mixed reaction after it was posted on Reddit – most commenters didn’t like how impolite it was. “Not a single “please” anywhere to be seen,” one user commented. “That’s rule #1 in the entitled parent handbook. No please or thank yous…,” another added.

While others thought there was a better solution: “Seriously. Make a game out of it as a parent. Get a bunch of acceptable substitutes prior to Halloween, tell your kid to go around and get as much candy as possible, then when it’s over they can use the candy they received to trade for the previously-purchased acceptable substitutes,” one suggested.

“I have severe peanut allergies. Very severe. Know what I did on Halloween? Took what I was given, thanked them for it, and traded candy with my sister or a friend later on. For every Reese’s cup I couldn’t eat, a friend would happily trade for it. Apparently that’s too complicated a concept now,” another added.

Yeeesh. So how would you react if this poster was put up where you live? And if your child has allergies, how do you cope with trick or treating – or events like birthdays and Christmas parties? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Reddit

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