Mums’ beauty secret revealed (you’ll find it in your changing bag)

A favourite baby staple, the nappy rash cream Sudocrem, is the latest beauty must-have


Sudocrem sales have more than doubled in the last year, according to nationwide chemist Superdrug. So what’s going on?


For nearly 80 years Sudocrem has been a favourite among mums for soothing sore baby skin. But now, British women are jumping on the bandwagon and relying on this tried and tested product to solve their beauty problems.

Soaring numbers of people are using the antiseptic cream to help combat acne, cold sores and dry skin as a cheaper alternative to standard beauty products.

This isn’t the first time a product for your baby’s bottom has found its way into make-up bags. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter flew off the shelves last year, when mums discovered its alternative use as a face cream.

Superdrug has reported an amazing 150% rise in Sudocrem sales from February last year. Simon Comins, Superdrug Director of Toiletries, said, “This has been the year when tried and tested beauty classics are must-haves, not just because they tend to cost less, but also because they work.”

Sudocrem has even proved popular among those with cash to splash. Cheryl Cole confessed to using the cream to dry out blemishes, and TOWIE’s Chloe Sims has even given her cousin, Joey Essex, a beauty lesson in how to tackle dry skin and spots with this baby staple.

Superdrug has said that Sudocrem has been moonlighting as a beauty product for decades, and we have to agree! A few of us here at MFM HQ have confessed to kicking back in front of the telly with white blobs of Sudocrem on our face (and accidentally leaving the house with it still on, whoops!).

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