Waitrose reveals its top skincream is… baby bottom butter!

Supermarket's baby bottom lotion turns out to be mums' favourite face cream


It’s designed for keeping babies bottoms nappy rash free, however hundreds of mums have discovered that it also has hidden benefits for their faces.


The modest £2.54 tub from Waitrose has become the supermarket’s top selling skincare cream after mums have found that not only is it great for their babies’ bums, but it gives them baby soft skin too. The pots now out-sell every other skincare product stocked in the supermarket, as women are shunning designer lotions and potions and choosing a quick fix of bottom butter.

Whilst a 100ml tub of Creme de La Mer could set you back a cool £970, it’s easy to see why women are flocking to Waitrose to try out the cream that gives you change from £3!

“The butter for babies ‘bottoms has become the top choice for mums who also love using it on their own faces,” says Waitrose Babycare buyer, Gemma Wright. “It’s consistent popularity and affordable price tag have proved this product is no fad – in fact it now out-sells every body and face cream that we stock.”


The Baby body bottom butter was first launched in 2005 and contains camomile-scented oils and lavender, which protects the skin from irritation. To find out more (either for your baby or for you!) check out our MadeForMums review!


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