When one of our MadeForMums community members showed us their scan picture, we have to admit we just couldn't stop looking.


It resembles no scan pic we've ever seen before and... it's the teensiest bit scary, right?

Even the mum whose baby it is admitted it's a bit strange-looking.

She told us: "Both me and hubby have the creepy shot as our phone screensavers, and it does make us laugh every time we pick up our phones."

But where, exactly, do you get a baby scan that looks like that?

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She explained that the pics — which are MRI scans — were taken at St Thomas's Hospital in London, as part of the Human Connectome Project.

The project is aimed at helping doctors work out more about how the brain develops and trying to understand when issues might arise.


The baby will have another scan soon after it's born, and then one in around 18 months to see how the brain is developing.

Though it's not just brain development these scans look at, as mum explains:

"They are able to tell he/she has a cyst on their left tear duct (you can see it on the pictures right next to the eye) so they'll be born with a swollen eye.

"But in the grand scheme of things it's not serious and at least we know what it is."

And she says that among the 200 scan pics they're received, they should be able to tell the sex of the baby - but she hasn't worked it out quite yet.

As an aside, the scans are totally safe to have done — but as you have to lie in a small, fairly claustrophobic tunnel-like chamber, it might not be a good idea if you don't do well in cramped spaces.

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