Can you tell if you’re having twins before your 12-week scan?

Some of our mums said they 'knew' they were having twins. One midwife tells us there might early signs - and even if they're identical or non-identical...


There’s been loads of twin talk this week – mainly because super megastar Beyonce’s just shared news that she’s expecting them.


And, judging by the size of her bump in the totally ‘wow’ pics she’s shared, she knows for sure there are 2 in there as she’s way past the first scan stage… which would have confirmed she now has (in her words) ‘3 hearts’.

But is there any way of knowing you’re having twins before you reach the 12-week scan?

We asked our mums, and a fair few of you – while also saying you ‘knew’ you were having a boy or a girl – also said you guessed right that you were carrying more than one baby.

“I [knew I was having twins]! I was telling everyone it was probably twins when I first found out I was pregnant! Ha!” said Jamie L.

And Sara A said: “Knew I was having twins as a few days before I did the test, I was sick non-stop. Symptoms were magnified and my bump was there at 6 weeks.”

Vicky H also told us: “Yes! Knew it was twins as the morning sickness was twice as bad….”

What the experts say

We chatted to midwife Katie Hilton about our mums’ experiences of knowing they were having twins before the 12-week scan.

She told us that, in fact, exceptionally bad morning sickness could be a sign you’re having twins.

That’s because morning sickness is caused by an increased level in the hormone hGC. And if you’re having twins – specifically non-identical ones, which have separate sacs – you’re likely to produce more hGC and feel more sick.

Identical twins, growing in the same sac, won’t produce double the hormone so you’re not necessarily more likely to have nausea.

All that said, we should add that bad morning sickness doesnt necessarily mean you’re having twins, and no morning sickness doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t, either.

So – you probably will have to wait for that 12-week scan for the confirmation it’s double trouble ?

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