A baby scan photo has gone viral – because of a spooky presence. But it seems no one can quite agree what it is.


First see what you can spot in the photo above... can you see it?

Ok, how about in the photo below?

The area of the scan just to the right of the baby (circled in red) seems to show the eerie shape of something. But no one can quite agree what.

"Looks like a Hindu goddess," one person commented on the scan photo shared on Reddit.

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"Took me a while, but there's a demon floating to the right of the baby," another added.

"The mermaid on the right. She must have come from the seamen," another quipped.

While others struggled to make anything out in the picture. "What am I trying to see? I don't see it," another said.

It's not the first time something unusual has been spotted in a scan picture.

In the above picture, a mum-to-be saw a vision of her late grandfather kissing her baby.

This mum-to-be saw her grandmother's face in her baby scan – with uncanny results.

And it's not just 3D scans that can throw up creepy results. How about this 4D baby scan?

Did you see anything unusual in your baby scan? We'd love to know – let us know in the comments below.

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