Mums expecting twins and triplets given ‘coping classes’

Boom in multiple births sees workshops on offer for mums


Women who are having twins or triplets are to be given a helping hands by the National Childbirth Trust.


The organisation will be offering workshops to mums-to-be who may be a little overwhelmed at the thought of a multiple birth.  

Figures show that the number of mums having twins or triplets is rising in England and Wales with nearly 15 of every 1,000 births ending in the delivery of more than one baby.

Antenatal teacher Philippa Bennet told the Evening Standard: “Parents with multiple births have been neglected for so long. There is a need for these classes. What happens if one twin is in special care, for example?

“When I had my own twins. I didn’t have a special class. Breastfeeding twins needs special support and people need extra tips. It can be overwhelming and we no longer have so much of an extended family for support.”


The sessions are meant to work alongside ante-natal classes and will cost about £100.

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