Mum’s pamper bundle isn’t quite what she was expecting

LOL. Can you imagine doing this after a few drinks?


Being a busy mum can you leave you frazzled and fried, right?


So can you imagine anything nicer – just a few days short of Valentine’s Day, too – than getting a lovely bundle of gorgeous body and bath goodies delivered to your door?

Yes please ?

That’s exactly what happened to mum-of-2 Pauline O’Neill, from Southend in Essex, who received a parcel at home, including body scrub, lip scrub and lots of other fab treats, along with a note that read: “You need a treat – this should help you unwind.”

Initially, Pauline figured it was from a thoughtful friend.

Until, that is, she was going through her bank balance and realised she’d bought the goodies for HERSELF.

Pauline had purchased the gifts for herself after drinking a bottle of wine, and had completely forgotten about it.

She told The Mirror:

“I just started laughing and the friends I’ve shown think it’s hilarious but why the hell would anyone do something like that?

“Who drinks red wine, buys themselves a present and writes themselves a note? Oh the shame.

“I don’t usually drink, as I’m only 4ft 10 I can’t really hold my drink, but in the last couple of months I’ve had the odd drink here and there.

“I got a lovely, and quite expensive, bottle of Rioja for Christmas – I planned to have one glass and ended up drinking the bottle.”

Oops… but we have to admit we can kind of see how this happened.

Once you’re a mum, there are probably not that many occasions for drinking anymore, so if you do get a chance to enjoy a few glasses of wine or bubbles they probably go to your head much more than they did in the old days.

One of our team even admits that when her baby was small, she and her hubby had a rare few drinks one night and ordered an air hockey table which they forgot about until it arrived a few days later ?

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