Mums say they feel “hurt” by how much their kids love their grans

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Here at MFM HQ we reckon you’re pretty lucky if you have family living nearby and your little ones get on with them – not least because it means they can help out with the occasional babysitting requirements, as well as the fact that it’s just lovely to have a close-knit family.

But a new report, from website familiesonline, suggests it’s not all positive when it comes to the grandparents: almost one in 3 mums (27%) say they feel “hurt” by their young children’s devotion to grandma. 

More than half (52%) of the 1,600 mums interviewed said if you asked their children they’d probably say they preferred their gran to their mother.

One in 5 said their kids had actually told them they preferred grandma (ouch ? ) with 46% reckoning this is mainly due the fact that granny’s less stressed than them when around the kids – which we definitely get.

The study also reveals that 60% of mums think their children get on better with their own parents than their partner’s parents.

We can definitely see why grandma’s popular – she’ll be the nice one that gives out sweets and treats to the kids and often leaves the telling-offs to the parents, but we find it sad that mums actually feel hurt by what we see as a beneficial and really special relationship.

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Do your little ones have a close bond with their grandparents? Have you ever felt hurt by that relationship or can you imagine how someone would feel that way?

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