Mum Bec Crombie has shared a terrifying cautionary tale about toddlers and kitchen safety - one that, for us, hit really close to home.


The Aussie blogger - who says she’s been called an overly-cautious ‘helicopter parent’ in the past - wrote how horrified she was when her 2-year-old daughter, Nylah, was almost the victim of a deadly accident.

While Bec was cooking, out of the blue Nylah knocked a large knife off the kitchen bench and narrowly avoided being stabbed in the face.

"Today I almost killed my daughter. I feel sick even writing this…” she began her post.

“The truth is I’m so beyond embarrassed that it happened ‘on my watch’, because I’m such a cautious parent as it is, but I feel it’s important to share in the hope that this, or similar NEVER happens to anyone else.

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"It was like any other regular afternoon of ours, which includes me in the kitchen prepping dinner with Nylah playing with cups and pots at my feet.

"I had peeled and chopped the potatoes, placing them in the pot and the knife back on the board, when I took one step to the left to remove the husk from the corn.

"As quickly as I had briefly stepped away, Nylah had stood up and grabbed the board from the bench. Which resulted in a 20cm knife falling and narrowly missing stabbing her in the face.

"My heart sank. I felt sick, and still do. At the thought of the shoulda, coulda and wouldas, and how quick everything just happened, within the blink of an eye.

"Once the initial shock had passed, I began to cry, thinking of how lucky we were that she wasn’t even left with a scratch."

Bec revealed that the encounter was the first time Nylah had ever reached for anything on the bench, never mind managed to grab something.

And she also divulged how she wanted to share her story as a reminder to other parents to stay vigilant. Just because something’s never happened before, doesn’t mean it couldn’t right?

We have to say, we’re really glad Bec shared this - along with a reminder that this kind of thing can happen at any time to anyone, and if (god forbid) it does, we should all check our judgy, parent-shaming hats at the door.

"These types of things happen to EVERYDAY people EVERYDAY,” she added. "They are labelled ‘accidents’ for a reason, they are purely accidental, freak occurrences.”

“Please keep comments, opinions and judgements to yourself, and take these incidents as lessons and warnings to always stay on the ball.”

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