Mum claims her baby “choked” on Sophie La Girafe

The popular French teething toy's manufacturers deny the toy's legs are a choking hazard


She’s the most popular teething toy in the world, but now Sophie La Girafe has come under fire after a “terrified” mum posted her cautionary tale on Facebook.


Katie Jones posted a picture of the French teether on Facebook, and described how her 6-month-old daughter Paige began “turning blue” after she got “the whole of one of Sophie’s legs lodged down her throat”.

Luckily the mum-of-2 managed to give her daughter some “firm pats” on the back, which she explained “made her throw up and take a breath” and her daughter is now fine, according to Yahoo UK.

In the post, Katie admits that she left her baby unattended with the toy while she “walked to the kitchen to grab something” and warns other parents: “Don’t leave your child unattended with this teether”.


The post has now been shared over 2,000 since it was posted two weeks ago.

A spokeswoman for Sophie La Girafe explained that the toy is not considered a choking hazard and has been used by millions of babies since it was first put on sale in 1961. ” Sophie la girafe® is not a choking hazard,” she said. “The toy undergoes mandatory safety testing regularly and meets all European and worldwide safety standards for use by babies from birth + – which includes a detailed choke hazard analysis.

“The safety standards and analysis are precise and they conclude that Sophie la girafe® is not a choking hazard.”

She went on to say that Katie hasn’t been in touch to make a formal complaint. “No complaint has been made and they have not been in touch with us as of yet,” she added. “Reading the Facebook post, we understand there has been no injury or harm caused. We take safety very seriously and thoroughly investigate any complaints we receive.”

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