Mums-to-be not given enough advice about weight management

Pregnant women feel they should be given more info on weight in pregnancy and post-baby weight loss


Mums are not given enough information about weight gain in pregnancy or help losing their baby weight, according to a new survey. The majority of mums feel their midwife’s advice about weight management is not good.


The survey, by the Royal College of Midwives and Netmums, found that out of 6,226 mums, 63% felt their midwife had not given them enough information about obesity issues, such as Body Mass Index (BMI).

Half of the women surveyed were worried about their weight in pregnancy but many were confused about what the correct weight was and how putting on too much could affect their pregnancy.

Midwife-led antenatal classes that especially dealt with healthy eating and weight management were supported by 73% of the mums.

The RCM general secretary Cathy Warwick said good advice on weight management was vital, both to ensure women kept as healthy as possible during pregnancy and to lower the risk of complications.

The survey also highlighted the role celebrities had to play in setting new mums unrealistic goals to bounce back to their original weight quickly. Six in 10 felt under pressure to lose their baby weight quickly post-birth.


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