Mum’s VERY stark warning over playground safety as temperatures rise

And it's something we all need to bear in mind


An outraged mum has issued a stark warning to other parents after her toddler suffered horrendous burns to his hands from a playground slide. 


Ashley Elizabeth Brown, from the US, took to Facebook after her 14-month-old son endured appalling blistering to his palms after he was allowed to use a slide at his daycare provision despite the temperatures having soared to 90 degrees fahrenheit (around 32C).

Furious Ashley wrote alongside the disturbing images:

‘See these burns on MY 14 MONTH OLD SON’S hands?

“This is a result of him going down a slide at his daycare outside, in 90 degree weather, and landing on the rubber mat at the bottom of the slide.

“What does plastic/rubber equipment do in the sun? IT HEATS UP BEYOND THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE.

“What happens when you put your skin on extremely hot surfaces? IT BURNS.

“Where were his teachers? Why didn’t anyone think to check with their own hands how hot those surfaces were, knowing that babies (that tumble down every now and then) were playing there?

“Why was he even outside in that heat in the first place? I have NEVER heard a child scream and cry like that, let alone MY OWN SON. This is one mama bear that you do not mess with.”

And her little boy’s terrible experience wasn’t a one off. Another mum – this time from the UK – shared with ITV the story of how her 1-year-old daughter was badly burned after touching a metal playground ramp, which had heated up to 51C in the sun.

Eva Carrington’s mum, Lucy Brown, said her little girl screamed in pain as soon as her hands made contact with the hot metal.   

The angry mum is now asking that her local council in Tamworth, Warwickshire, put up signs warning other parents and children about just how hot play equipment can get.

“I hadn’t even realised that the skate ramp was metal. I presumed it was coated in rubber,” Lucy told ITV.

“They can’t have tested it in the sun, it was so hot that you could have fried an egg on it. It’s another accident waiting to happen.”

Little Eva’s blisters were so bad that docs had to bandage up both her hands and are unable to yet say to what degree her skin has been burned.

The council has apologised to Lucy, and says it urges parents to be vigilant in the hot weather.

Simon Powell, the assistant director for leisure and community development at Warwickshire council told ITV: “We are really sorry to hear about the injuries sustained by Miss Brown’s daughter and hope that she recovers well.

“However we would advise anyone using a play area, and particularly the parents or guardians with very young or vulnerable children, to be especially vigilant when using play areas in extremes of weather. This could-be after heavy rainfall, after snow and ice or during very hot periods, as we are currently experiencing.”

We are so shocked by these awful stories – just how upsetting are these pics?

And it really is one of those scenarios you just wouldn’t immediately think about when heading down for a lovely play at the park – until now!

From now on, we’ll definitely be doing a hand check on any play equipment before our kids get on it – rather us a quick ouchy moment than them an awful burn, right?

Pics: Ashley Elizabeth Brown/Facebook

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