Myleene Klass’ daughter Hero dribbles over top celeb

Andrew Lloyd Webber grins through a dribble shower from Myleene’s tot


Andrew Lloyd Webber may be used to getting awards and praise for his musical talents, but we’d like to give him a big BX thumbs up for laughing off a dribble shower from Myleene Klass’ youngest daughter, 1-year-old Hero.


Myleene tweeted, “Hero just dribbled on Andrew Lloyd Webber and he was so cool about it.”

Andrew, who was the co-host with Myleene of the Classic Brits 2012 event last night, may have put Hero’s drool down to her excitement at meeting him. However, Myleene added, “She was standing next to Gary Barlow in her defence”. What a girl!


We reckon Myleene was just rather chuffed Hero didn’t choose to spit up on her beautiful Rafael Lopez dress.

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