Myleene Klass on World Book Day ego trip?

Myleene Klass dresses her kids up as her - fun or a bit creepy?


While most kids left the house dressed as Harry Potter or Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss for World Book Day yesterday,  Myleene Klass’s two girls went off to school in a less recognisable literary costume…


They went dressed as their mum.

Yes, that’s right, Ava, 7, and Hero, 4, donned leopard print coats and floppy hats and celebrated the event decked out as mini Myleenes, which their mum shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Myleene the author? Yes, she has penned a pregnancy guide, but we don’t reckon it’s often used as inspiration for World Book Day outfits…

But in her defence, the idea to dress as Myleene did come from her elder daughter. 

Myleene’s daughters dress as her for World Book Day

Captioning the pic “Look who Ava’s going as!” Myleene responded to a comment from a follower and revealed it was “all her [Ava’s] idea….including the coffee! Too tooooooo cute!”

There’s no denying that the girls do look cute – but should you dress your kids up as yourself on a day that is supposed to celebrate all that is fantastic and wonderful about reading and book and fictional characters. Let’s face it, is going as Myleene Klass really in the spirit of the day?

What do you think?

Picture credit: Myleene Klass/Instagram

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