Myleene Klass “told off” for fending off intruders

TV personality says she'd wave a knife again, despite police advice

TV personality, Myleene Klass, has been spoken to by police after she brandished a knife at intruders who broke into her garden and peered through her windows.


The 31-year-old was at her £1.8million Hertfordshire home with Ava, her 2-year-old daughter when she saw a shadow appear at the patio door. She spotted the teenagers in her garden peering in through the window. She instinctively grabbed a knife and banged on the window to send them away. The intruders ran to the other side of the house only to be chased off by the former pop star.

After ringing the police for safety and assurance she was apparently informed that she’d acted illegally and that brandishing an ‘offensive weapon’ such as a knife around her own home was against the law.

“It was a scary incident but I’ve got no regrets as to how I reacted. I think I did what any other mother would do. This is my house and that’s my daughter up there and I will do anything to protect my daughter and my family. That’s what I did.”

Hertfordshire police later released a statement saying: “Officers spoke to reassure the home owner, talked through security and gave advice in relation to the importance of reporting suspicious activity immediately to allow officers to act appropriately. For clarification, at no point were any official warnings or words of advice given to the home owner in relation to the use of a knife or offensive weapon in their home.”


Do you think Myleene was right to wave a knife at the intruders on her property?

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