Myleene’s party row escalates – but are the children the real losers?

Myleene Klass is heckled in the playground after bringing a school-mum row to the world's attention


Mum-of-2 Myleene Klass was met with a frosty reception at the school gates yesterday when an angry mum quizzed her about the £10 birthday gift row she started on Twitter and Instagram. “Why did you do it, Myleene? Why?” the mum called across the playground.


According to local newspaper The Ham & High, Myleene then retorted “If you’ve got a problem with it, talk to me in private.”

The TV and radio presenter was in the school doghouse, after sharing a group email from two school mums asking for a £10 birthday party present for their daughters. When we say sharing, in Myleene’s case this meant publicising it to a combined total of more than half a million followers.

The story quickly hit the media and although Myleene changed the names in the emails, it seems the other mums weren’t impressed by the publicity after the story went viral. 

The heated exchange happened when Myleene went to pick up her daughter Ava, 7, from the private school in north London. The local newspaper reports that other parents have written and emailed the headteacher of the £5,000-a-term school accusing the ex-HearSay singer of using personal emails to garner press attention. “It was a very distasteful and cheap shot,” wrote one.

Another reportedly said, “She has betrayed our confidences and belittled us so publicly. Lots of people have complained.”

One strident mum even had a warning for Myleene. “She isn’t going to have any friends left and we are the ones she relies on to pick up her daughter for her when she is late.” Ouch!

So although Myleene is taking the brunt of the criticism, we have to wonder if the children involved are really the ones suffering. The mums’ hostilities won’t go unnoticed and being the subject of gossip will surely take its toll – even though the names in the shared emails were changed. You can imagine the words flying around in the playground – and the broken friendships. 

It turns out this isn’t the first time that Myleene has hit out about expensive party gifts but will she now regret her latest dig? And will Ava ever get another party invite?! 

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